Mount Ophir Estate is steeped in wine history, beginning in 1891.


Mount Ophir Estate is steeped in wine history, beginning in 1891 when friends Adam Eisemann and Morty Gleeson began works on a farm and vineyard. Prominent London wine merchants, the Burgoyne family purchased the site two years later and grew it into a significant exporter of fortified wines to Britain. By 1903 they had become the largest state-of-the-art wine producing facility in Australia, growing 280 hectares of Shiraz, Durif, and Muscat and building several (now-heritage-listed) structures, including the striking French provincial tower, a nod to their heritage. Tax changes contributed to the Burgoynes selling in 1955 to a sheep farmer, who removed the vines for grazing and carved off much of the land. A bed and breakfast operator then bought the 50 hectares that remained, planting a small parcel of Shiraz vines in the mid-1990s, and tending to the land along sustainable permaculture principles.


The fourth-generation winemaking Brown family—siblings Angela, Eliza and Nick—took over Mount Ophir in 2016, attracted by its heritage buildings and interesting clay-over-quartz soil profile, which differed to their existing wineries at All Saints Estate and St Leonards vineyards. Over several years the family spent countless hours lovingly restoring and refurbishing Mount Ophir’s historic buildings, including the sprawling wine making facility at its heart, to bring the winery back to its former glory.