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Country Air Is Good For The Soul


I moved back to the region from Melbourne in 2001 and instantly remembered the healing nature on the mind and body from the large skies, fresh air and nature that the country can give you.

The space, gives you space, to think and contemplate the world.

A quick mini break to the country can also make you have a renewed sense of the world.

The saying 'getting back to nature' to me, feels always so true after travelling and landing back at this beautiful corner of North East Victoria.

You may ask when is the best time to travel to Rutherglen?

We do have four distinctive seasons and everyone has their favourite, Spring and Autumn are mine, as you can see the distinct changes happening with the landscape.


It wasn't just improving the choice of Rutherglen accommodation in the region when we purchased

Mount Ophir Estate, we also wanted to create a space that people could get away from it all,

feel the real 'country' , the peace and serenity. But, of course, we are close enough (short taxi ride) to the Rutherglen township to 'live it up' if you choose to.

Airbnb has opened the doors literally to beautiful properties that were once closed to the public. Rutherglen airbnb has also expanded the offering across the town from glamping, to castles like Mount Ophir's 'Tower' accomodation. These beautiful old properties have a new lease on life, they are being renovated and then in turn occupied which keeps the buildings living and breathing. Theres nothing like the scene above of the 'Tower' glowing at night with the black sky and stars all around.

For more information about our property please head to our website, which is always getting updated.

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