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Let Your Hair Down

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

It will be a weekend full of music and memories in an iconic location.

Out of town and out of mind, guests arriving at A Weekend With will be encouraged to set down their camping gear before collecting for a shared meal.

With the sun setting and the music warming, a generous feast will be offered up to all.

A chance to lay familiar eyes on the strapping Mount Ophir Estate as well as those joining this originally Australian holiday. As morning breaks, a curated program of live and electronic acts will respond to the rural setting. Shade, sustenance and visceral programming will keep guests attuned until sundown.

Though when night knocks, a change of setting is in order...

Included in the ticket price

Entrance to A WEEKEND WITH

Communal Feast on Friday night

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Event organiser: A WEEKEND WITH


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KARI’s main mission is to build strength in families and services, and our vision is to help Aboriginal families, youth and communities



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